Hopscotch Music Festival

The Independent Weekly's yearly music festival is Raleigh's biggest music event.  Founded in 2010 by directors Greg Lowenhagen, Grayson Currin, and Independent Weekly Publisher Steve Schewel- Hopscotch represents a step beyond the free community and government music events as the first commercial event at that scale to take full advantage of the revitalized Raleigh Downtown.  Hopscotch features over 120 bands and has been headlined by bands like Public Enemy, Broken Social Scene, and the Flaming Lips.

Hopscotch 2012 Night Three: Finishing off in style

September, 11, 2012

After three nights of Hopscotch, memories are fractured things best collected with a broom. But we’ll try…

Hopscotch 2012 Night Two: Jurado, Jones, Janes and Built to Spill

September, 09, 2012
Hopscotch 2012 Night Two: Jurado, Jones, Janes and Built to Spill

Mother Nature must be a huge Built to Spill fan, because the weather was beautiful for the second night of Hopscotch.

Hopscotch 2012 Night Two: Dan Deacon Gives

September, 09, 2012

Dan Deacon looks like a man who could not be cool in any generation. Bearded Bald. Large Glasses. A hat that keeps changing positions. If he wasn’t this, he might be a librarian. Or a chemist.

Hopscotch Day 1 in Photos

September, 07, 2012
Hopscotch Day 1 in Photos

Some visual highlights from the first day of Hopscotch.

Hopscotch 2012 Night One: Matthew E. White Gives a Sermon to the Crowd

September, 07, 2012

Matthew E. White’s One Incantation Under God was more than just the performance of the night; this was a performance worthy of holding the festival in the first place.

Hopscotch 2012 Night One: A Cautionary Gust

September, 07, 2012

The crowds on the sidewalks make Raleigh look full and bright. They highlight Downtown’s emergence as the beating heart one of America’s great cities. When people are in her streets, she pulses.

Hopscotch 2012 Interviews: Built to Spill

September, 06, 2012
Hopscotch 2012 Interviews: Built to Spill

Idaho’s own indie-rock star behemoths, Built to Spill, took time to talk to New Raleigh on the eve of their set at City Plaza for this year’s Hopscotch Festival.

New Raleigh and Friends Hopscotch 2012 Recommendations Part 3

September, 06, 2012

Here is Part 3 and the final in our 3 part series of New Raleigh and Friends Recommendations for Hopscotch 2012. Hope these have been helpful. Have fun, be safe and see you on the other side of the weekend.

New Raleigh and Friends Hopscotch 2012 Recommendations Part 2

September, 05, 2012

Yesterday, we brought you Part One of our New Raleigh and Friends Recommendations for Hopscotch 2012. Today, we have another amazing set of recommendations from Hopscotch organizers, local musicians, DJs, artists and a few New Raleigh writers.

New Raleigh and Friends Hopscotch 2012 Recommendations Part 1

September, 04, 2012

Here we go. One of our most favorite weekends of the year in Downtown Raleigh starts early Thursday afternoon with a few day parties around the city and kicks into high gear on Thursday nights in clubs all across the downtown grid.

New Raleigh’s Hopscotch 2012 Coverage

September, 04, 2012

Hopscotch Music Festival Week 2012 is upon us. Starting at noon on Thursday, there will be bands and music galore on almost every street corner in Downtown Raleigh.

The Hopscotch Hepcat Bike Race Returns in September

August, 24, 2012
The Hopscotch Hepcat Bike Race Returns in September

As Hopscotch weekend gets closer, there are a few things that are certain. 1. Excitement builds. 2. The number of Hopscotch weekend day parties, music events and pop-up activities increase by the day. Get ready for the cat race!

Here is the Hopscotch 2012 Day Party Schedule

August, 08, 2012
Here is the Hopscotch 2012 Day Party Schedule

As if the massive Hopscotch 2012 lineup wasn’t enough to fill the streets of Raleigh on the first weekend in September, the hits keep coming as Hopscotch has released its 2012 official day party schedule today.

Check out this Hopscotch Daytrotter Playlist

July, 23, 2012
Check out this Hopscotch Daytrotter Playlist

A handful of great strip down tracks like the hip hop of G-Side and Danny Brown to locals Birds of Avalon and Megafaun, all playing this year’s Hopscotch Music Festival. Hoptrotter.

The Hopscotch 2012 Schedule is Here

July, 11, 2012

Starting today, you will have to start making decisions. These won’t be easy decisions and you will surely have to cross off a handful of bands that you said, just a few short months ago, that you wouldn’t miss at Hopscotch.

Death Grips Cancels, Killer Mike and More Added to Hopscotch 2012 Lineup

June, 27, 2012

The Hopscotch crew are smart and know that dropping a hyped band like Death Grips may not go over so well with some folks. The news would have been much harder if they hadn’t followed the cancellation with a few excellent additions.

Hopscotch Bringing Jeff the Brotherhood Back to Raleigh

May, 14, 2012
Hopscotch Bringing Jeff the Brotherhood Back to Raleigh

In case you missed Jeff the Brotherhood at last year’s Hopscotch Music Festival, you’ll have another opportunity next month at Berkeley Cafe in Downtown Raleigh.

This Year, Hopscotch Becomes America’s Best Music Festival

April, 18, 2012
This Year, Hopscotch Becomes America’s Best Music Festival

In only its third year, Hopscotch has jumped leaps and bounds in less than 1,000 days to become one of the premiere music weekends in the country. There are a handful of bands you’ve probably heard of, but that’s about it. The rest of the fest is about discovery and trust.

Hopscotch 2012 Lineup with The Roots, Jesus and Mary Chain, Built to Spill, Yo La Tengo and 170 More

April, 18, 2012

The Independent Weekly’s Hopscotch Music Festival returns this September to Downtown Raleigh streets with 175 bands at 15 venues. From classic indie rock and emerging hip-hop to experimental heavy metal and gospel-blues orchestras, there’s a band or ten for everyone.

Real Estate Coming to Lincoln Theatre

February, 04, 2012

Some bands make music that is more enjoyable to listen to in the WInter than in the Summer. Many others are the reciprocal. But, there are a fair number of bands and musicians that are able to create records that make each season of the year more pleasant.

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