It’s Official: NC Goes Blue, Obama Wins

November, 06, 2008

For the first time since 1976, a Democrat has won North Carolina.

Raleigh Times Election Night Party

November, 04, 2008

We know about 101, Tir Na Nog and other parties, now the Times throws its hat into the celebration tonight.

Final North Carolina Early Voting Numbers

November, 02, 2008

Early voting ended Saturday at 5pm and premilinary results are in.

Obama’s Speech in Raleigh

October, 31, 2008

On Wednesday, October 29th, Barack Obama held a rally in downtown Raleigh, just six days before the 2008 election. Approximately 28,000 supporters poured into Halifax Mall, the otherwise vacant green space covering the parking deck for the government complex, to hear the presidential candidate’s message of hope and unity. Obama’s Raleigh Speech below the fold.

Sarah Palin Raleigh Ticket Information

October, 29, 2008

Sarah Palin will be in Raleigh on Saturday and we have the ticket details below the fold.

Sarah Palin Coming to Raleigh Saturday Night

October, 29, 2008

The details are slim but the title is true. Palin is coming to Raleigh. (Details added)

McCain Returns to North Carolina

October, 23, 2008

North Carolina continues to garner national attention this election as the candidates continue a close race to the finish line.

Stop The Hate: NC’s Turbulent Political Climate

October, 22, 2008

The political climate in North Carolina is reaching dangerous levels with disturbing reports of overzealous and misguided citizens crossing the line between activism and criminal acts. While many voters view this election as historic and significant, the state is split with regard to which candidate they support. There should be no reason that we can not have a civil political discourse to solve the problems facing our state and our country. Unfortunately, North Carolina has not fared well in behaving civilly this election cycle.

Obama and Hagan Expand NC Poll Lead

October, 20, 2008

Both Democrats Barack Obama and Kay Hagan have expanded their lead in the latest Public Policy Poll released today.

Wake County Early Voting Begins

October, 16, 2008

Early voting for President, Governor and more starts today in Raleigh and surrounding Wake County.

Obama Winning Over McCain at Flying Saucer

October, 13, 2008

Barack Obama has a healthy, almost 400 point lead, over John McCain in the pint glass elections.

McCain Obama North Carolina Ad Spending

October, 08, 2008

Ben Smith at Politico has the full report but it looks like Obama is outspending McCain in North Carolina ads 10 to 1. The next 28 days will be lots of fun in the Tarheel State.

A New Low - News and Observer Distributes Fear Laced DVD

September, 17, 2008

On Saturday September 13th The News and Observer sank to a new low. Included in every paper delivered to homes in Raleigh and across North Carolina was an “informative advertisement” that the Vice President of Display Advertising at the N&O compares to cereal and toothpaste. But, instead of health or hygiene, the product is fear laced propaganda.