Raleigh Tops List of Cities With Highest Quality of Life

May, 25, 2010
Raleigh Tops List of Cities With Highest Quality of Life

Just another notch in the belt of lists.

Digital City - 11 Reasons Raleigh is Awesome.

November, 11, 2009
Digital City - 11 Reasons Raleigh is Awesome.

I’m starting to think that websites are created just to put Raleigh atop some list or list why it’s cool.

Raleigh Tops List of Fast Food-Addicted Cities

September, 04, 2009
Raleigh Tops List of Fast Food-Addicted Cities

Welcome to the urban waistland.

Triangle Top 50 Food Magazine

July, 08, 2009
Triangle Top 50 Food Magazine

Andrea Weigl of The News & Observer has compiled an interactive list of the top 50 Triangle food icons. This is truly amazing. Everything from the VarmintBites blog to Ed Mitchell, women chefs, J.Betski’s, the World Beer Festival, Tookie’s chicken salad, and the Carrboro Farmer’s Market is included. Of course there are some notable absences, but that just goes to show how the Triangle has become one of the top foodie destinations in the country. Check it out.

Frank Harmon Architect makes Architect Magazine’s Top List

May, 21, 2009
Frank Harmon Architect makes Architect Magazine’s Top List

Raleigh’s vernacular modernism architecture firm gets more national recognition.

Raleigh Times Top 50 Burgers in US?

May, 08, 2009
Raleigh Times Top 50 Burgers in US?

That’s what the Food Network is sayin’.

The Pit Named Top 50 Travel and Leisure Restaurants

April, 15, 2009
The Pit Named Top 50 Travel and Leisure Restaurants

Everything but the Squeal

Wake County in Top 25 Election Counties to Watch

November, 04, 2008

Tonight all eyes will be on Wake County, so says Politico.

Raleigh on Yet Another Best Of List

September, 12, 2008

2008 has been the year of “Best of..” lists for Raleigh. Raleigh was #1 on MSNBC’s “Best Places to Live” in July and Best Places for Business and Careers on Forbes. I’m starting to believe that the city is paying off the magazines and voters.  The latest is the “Best Performing Cities of 2008” and Raleigh was edged out by some city called Provo-Orem in Utah. We are obviously up there with the finest.

8 Raleigh Buildings on AIA-NC Favorite Architecture List

October, 23, 2007

Following the lead of the National AIA’s Top 150 Buidings List, AIA North Carolina has released their top 25 buildings in North Carolina in 2 Lists. The first list is a result of a public survey, the second, a survey of AIA North Carolina Members.  The Biltmore in Asheville topped both lists, but 8 buildings from Raleigh made the cut on one of the two lists (4 of which are in the top 10 of the AIA Members Survey).  Dorton Arena was the only Raleigh building to grace both lists.  Raleigh has more buildings on the two lists than any other North Carolina city, reminiscent of this year’s AIA North Carolina State Awards. Below is a list of the buildings that made the lists, along with their architects (survey rankings are in parentheses).  Dorton Arena - Matthew Nowicki and William Deitrick (AIA: 2nd, Public: 21) Catalano House - Eduardo Catalano (AIA: 6th) Kamphoefner Residence - Henry Kamphoefner (AIA: 7th) NC State Capitol - Ithiel Town and Alexander J. Davis (AIA: 9th) Matsumoto House - George Matsumoto (AIA: 16th) Milton Small- original office - Milton Small (AIA: 19th) NCSU Bell Tower - William Henry Deacy (Public: 24th) Governor’s Mansion - Samuel Sloan (Public: 12th) Full Results and More Information on the Surveys Here

The Real Top 10 Ways You Can Conserve Raleigh’s Water

August, 30, 2007

With the new Raleigh water restrictions you may be frustrated by what may seem like overbearing rules.  It is important to know why the restrictions were set in place to begin with.  Raleigh sits 24 inches below expected rainfall for the year. Falls Lake, our reservoir, is four feet below its normal levels. The city has announced that if our water use continues and rainfall does not improve, the city could run out of water by January.  January! Another Raleigh blog decided to make light of the situation, and while I can understand the need to lighten the mood, considering the $200 first offenders fine, I think it’s important to share some creative and mostly passive ways that one can save water. While some of these solutions are involved, one must consider that water problems are here to stay, our city will only grow in scale and the existing resources are stretched, even during times of sufficient rain.  You can go on ignoring the problem, or do your part to tread lightly.  10 ways to save water in Raleigh below the fold.