Raleigh Institute of Contemporary Art Sets Opening Date

November, 17, 2009
Raleigh Institute of Contemporary Art Sets Opening Date

Mia Yoon and Jason Craighead have founded an atelier school with a dozen professional studio artists as the initial instructors. See an exhibit of each instructor’s work on December 4th during the RICA pre-registration from 5-9 pm at City Market. The school itself will open January 18, 2010 at 2123 Atlantic Avenue.

Bain Project Q&A

May, 08, 2009
Bain Project Q&A

This weekend welcomes the most innovative art initiative to ever hit Raleigh, The Bain Project. A lot of you have heard of it, and are familiar with what the group of artists are putting together. For those that are not, the project is a group of artists from different disciplines working on a collaborative site-specific art installation that will take place in an abandoned water treatment plant, the E.B. Bain Waterworks. Well… what exactly does that mean? I spoke with Daniel Kelly, the project’s creator and organizer, and asked him to help explain a little bit more about his thoughts behind the process of the project.

Artists from the Bain Project on The State of Things

May, 06, 2009

We are super excited about the Bain Project this weekend.

Patterns of Memory at Block Gallery, Opens Tonight

September, 25, 2008

Tonight a special opening at the Block Gallery, the modern lobby of the municipal building.  The curator Sarah Blackmon, is very excited about the show.  “The exhibition looks really great—the work is phenomenal.”  Full Release Below the Fold