Movie Review: Hitchcock

December, 14, 2012
Movie Review: Hitchcock

The new film Hitchcock follows the auteur through the making of Psycho and digs further into his personal life.

Movie Reviews: Wreck-it Ralph and Flight

November, 02, 2012
Movie Reviews: Wreck-it Ralph and Flight

Isaac Weeks reviews Disney Animation Studio’s newest animated film Wreck-it Ralph and Flight, featuring Denzel Washington.

Won’t Back Down, Hotel Transylvania and Pitch Perfect Movie Reviews

September, 28, 2012

This week, you get three movie reviews for the price of one. Otherwise, the entire front page of New Raleigh would look like Ain’t It Cool News this weekend.

Folk Legend Neil Young Journeys Across the Screen

September, 10, 2012
Folk Legend Neil Young Journeys Across the Screen

Jonathan Demme has reteamed with venerable rocker Neil Young for their third collabaritive concert-doc in six years with Neil Young Journeys.

Celeste and Jesse Make a Great Couple

August, 31, 2012
Celeste and Jesse Make a Great Couple

While September is usually considered a dumping ground for the product that the major studios offer us, this month is packed with interesting indies.

Total Recall 2012 Remake Film Review

August, 07, 2012

How does the remake of Total Recall compare to the original 1990 release? Our film critic takes a look.

Madagascar 3 Lacks the Quality of Most Animated Films Today

June, 08, 2012

For more than a decade now, Dreamworks has taken a massive dump on consumers’ heads. Since the somewhat surprising mega-success that was 2001’s Shrek, Dreamworks has filled their coffers with the box office receipts from their animated fare.

Snow White and the Huntsman Revives a Disney Franchise

June, 01, 2012

For all of my cheap digs at this film, the one thing that it has going for it is the directing style of Rupert Sanders. Sanders, here making his directorial debut, shows a real talent for dark-hued flair.

High School, An Unneccessary Film

June, 01, 2012
High School, An Unneccessary Film

What does this movie tell the young people currently attempting to complete film school in the hopes they will someday make it? What does it show to the kid who is attempting to showcase true human emotions in their work?

Sasha Baron Cohen as a Mediocre Dictator

May, 17, 2012

Despite first hitting American airwaves with the Emmy nominated Da Ali G Show, Sasha Baron Cohen is seemingly destined to be burdened with the expectations of an audience that only recognizes him as the mastermind of the comedy smash Borat.

Whedon Weaves The Avengers Just Right

May, 04, 2012

The summer season officially begins today with the release of The Avengers, the superhero team-up epic that has been years in the making.

Think Like a Man Review

April, 20, 2012
Think Like a Man Review

This may be another instance where my expectations walking in were so low that I am overpraising the film, but THINK isn’t just a funny movie, it may have been the most fun I have had in a theater in months.

Full Frame:  Kiss the Paper and Eating Alabama Reviews

April, 13, 2012
Full Frame:  Kiss the Paper and Eating Alabama Reviews

It’s Christmas time once again for area film buffs.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home- Indy Dud

March, 16, 2012
Jeff, Who Lives at Home- Indy Dud

Jeff (Jason Segel) is a 30-year-old living in his mother’s basement, unemployed and lacking direction.

The Vow’s Amnesia is Self Reflexive

February, 10, 2012
The Vow’s Amnesia is Self Reflexive

Amnesia has been used by every two bit TV show that needed an easy B-plot for sweeps season since televisions first entered our living rooms.

Safe House Review

February, 10, 2012
Safe House Review

These are dark and troubling times, my friends. Sure, it’s been said countless times how Hollywood is bereft of ideas, turning toward sequels and reboots countless times to bring in our shekels; and yes, it’s not unheard of for a wide release film to “borrow” a scene or two from a recent blockbuster.

Big Miracle Above Average Free Willy Wannabe

February, 03, 2012
Big Miracle Above Average Free Willy Wannabe

I don’t know if this is just a case of my cynicism flairing up, but have you noticed family films just aren’t what they used to be? Seriously, back in the Golden Age of Cinema (the 80s-90s), it seemed Hollywood was releasing classics by the handful. You had your Gremlins; E.T.; the Indiana Jones trilogy; etc.

The Woman in Black is a Step Behind

February, 03, 2012
The Woman in Black is a Step Behind

I couldn’t help but wonder where this film would have found itself without the star wattage of Daniel Radcliffe, here to anchor the film. The latest release from CBS Films, quickly making a name for itself as the home for winter months schlock to fill theater screens.

Glen Close is Albert Nobbs

January, 27, 2012
Glen Close is Albert Nobbs

Albert Nobbs began life as a short story, written by the great Irish author George Moore in 1918. Moore was a wonderful writer, ahead of his time in many ways, chief among them his descriptions of the lives of adulterers, prostitutes, and your everyday working class as naturalistic protagonists, instead of the Dickensian characters that most readers had grown accustomed to at the time.

Man on a Ledge

January, 27, 2012
Man on a Ledge

Ever so often moviegoers are blessed to be presented with a film that seemingly appears from out of the blue; a movie that rattles the film industry with its sheer originality and spawns copycats for years to come.

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