Movie Reviews: Wreck-it Ralph and Flight

November, 02, 2012
Movie Reviews: Wreck-it Ralph and Flight

Isaac Weeks reviews Disney Animation Studio’s newest animated film Wreck-it Ralph and Flight, featuring Denzel Washington.

Celeste and Jesse Make a Great Couple

August, 31, 2012
Celeste and Jesse Make a Great Couple

While September is usually considered a dumping ground for the product that the major studios offer us, this month is packed with interesting indies.

The Muppets, a Joy

November, 23, 2011
The Muppets, a Joy

You would think Christmas had arrived one month early for everyone over the age of thirty.

The Debt Giveaway

August, 24, 2011
The Debt Giveaway

Win tickets to see the Debt from Focus Features and New Raleigh.

Larry Crowne Screening Giveaway

June, 20, 2011
Larry Crowne Screening Giveaway

Universal Pictures is teaming with New Raleigh to bring to you, our loyal readers, a chance of winning passes to an advanced screening of the film.

“Burlesque” Review

November, 24, 2010
“Burlesque” Review

Weeks weighs in, caught off guard by the newest cinematic musical.

“For Colored Girls” Review

November, 05, 2010
“For Colored Girls” Review

You’re a successful black woman who probably votes Republican and thinks your husband might be gay.

18 Years of “Conviction”

October, 29, 2010
18 Years of “Conviction”

Issac Week’s weighs in on “Conviction” opening in Raleigh, today.