Hidden Around Hillsborough Street

June, 03, 2009

What Hillsborough Street secret do you have tucked away in your back pocket?

Barrel Monster Spotted On Hillsborough Street

June, 01, 2009
Barrel Monster Spotted On Hillsborough Street

One of Raleigh’s most creative vandals strikes again.

Neomonde Bakery Spring Festival

May, 26, 2009
Neomonde Bakery Spring Festival

Henna and Hummus!

What’s Your Favorite “Strip Mall” Restaurant in Raleigh?

May, 04, 2009

We frequently focus on the new restaurants opening in and around downtown, but what about the mainstays located in the outlying neighborhoods? Vote now and let us know what your favorite is, or tell us what we missed!

What to Do in Raleigh: A Visitor’s Guide

January, 23, 2009

For this week’s Q&A we want to know where in Raleigh you take your out-of-town guests. What sites and businesses around town represent what our city’s really about? Let’s put our heads together. Some of our writers answer below; tell us your spots in the comments.

Spin Me Right ‘Round

December, 16, 2008

I recently inherited my father’s turntable and record collection, an acquisition that’s become an unexpected joy to me in the past few months. My reasons at the time for setting up the system were simple: pay homage to my father and occupy some empty square footage in my apartment. I never quite believed the earnest claims of audiophiles, that music actually sounded better through that antiquated machine. But when I dropped the needle onto Eric Clapton’s Slowhand and the beginning notes of “Cocaine” crept from the speakers, I felt like I was hearing the song for the first time… [Continued below the fold]

Velvet Cloak Inn Considered Unsafe by City

October, 04, 2008

Bob Geary brings us word that the Velvet Cloak Inn has been closed by the city for having ‘non-permitted changes’ and fire code violations. The Velvet Cloak Inn recently changed owners and has been selling condos in old hotel rooms under the moniker of “Velvet Cloak Villas” for the last year.  It sucks for those staying in the hotel temporarily, but what about the folks that lived there? More Below the Fold

Haunted Hike: Hillsborough Halloween Uneventful

November, 01, 2007

A successful event,  the business/student organized Haunted Hike went as smoothly as a moving mass of drunken, costumed(well, some of them) college kids can go.  Citations were minimal and the participating bars were all at fire safety capacity with “1 out, 1 in” entrance for most of the evening.