BlackArm Bespoke Shoes & Raleigh Denim Talk Local Goods at LabourLove Gallery

December, 04, 2009
BlackArm Bespoke Shoes & Raleigh Denim Talk Local Goods at LabourLove Gallery

This one’s in Durham, but its too good to miss for locavore clothes hounds.

fashionSPARK Christens Fayetteville Street

September, 29, 2009
fashionSPARK Christens Fayetteville Street

Friday night at SPARKcon, fashionSPARK started promptly at 8 pm.  The consistent centerpiece to SPARKcon, fashionSPARK draws a big crowd fully engrossed in the event at hand.  In previous years the show was held on Moore Square, but this year, along with the rest of SPARKcon it took place on Fayetteville Street.  The dramatic setting was the perfect stage for showcasing our young creative talent.

Raleigh Denim Talks Spring 2010 to Style

August, 04, 2009
Raleigh Denim Talks Spring 2010 to Style

The locavore’s pants- but everywhere else they are exotic.

Raleigh Denim Interview

April, 28, 2009
Raleigh Denim Interview

Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko met in high school, when they attended Saint Mary’s and Enloe, respectively. They began dating, and after spending a few years in New York and Europe learning the fashion scene they returned to Raleigh with Sarah determined to finish her design degree at N.C. State. She was in the middle of assembling a line for Art to Wear when Victor’s denim project seduced her.

Raleigh Denim Custom Jeans Gift Certificates Available

December, 17, 2008

Need some custom jeans for a brother, sister, or best friend? Raleigh Denim has your answer in ANY color.

fashionSpark Fashion Show Review

October, 01, 2008

fashionSpark’s fashion show has always been the biggest event of sparkCon.  This year’s lineup included established local designers and newcomers alike in what was a flashy affair drawing a big crowd to the Moore Square outdoor stage.  While the third annual event was a shorter, more streamlined affair,  it showcased the most professional set of local designers ever collected in the Raleigh area. Over 100 pictures below the fold

Raleigh Denim Preview Women’s Line Tonight at sparkCon

September, 19, 2008

Raleigh Denim has been producing men’s jeans for a while in the Downtown area but tonight at sparkCon, Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough will unleash a new women’s collection. Sneak Peak Below the Fold. Sneak Peak Below the Fold.

Raleigh Denim Sprouts From Verses Jeans

August, 26, 2008

Verses Jeans is no longer.  Following a trademark dispute with another line of jeans, Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough made a quick rebranding to Raleigh Denim.  With the new name the young entrepreneurs are making a commitment to the city in an exciting way.  These high end jeans are already sold in some the most exclusive boutiques around the world, going forward as their distribution spreads, our city’s name will be on some of the best dressed asses around. We figure all it will take is Kanye rocking Raleigh Denim and the city will officially get that creative class those planners keep talking about. Raleigh Denim

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