Raleigh Times Expansion Opening September Hopscotch First Friday

August, 08, 2012

First Friday, Hopscotch and now The Raleigh Times expansion to open on the first weekend in September.

Raleigh Times Expanding With a Little Help From the City of Raleigh

May, 16, 2012

Greg Hatem, owner of the building and Empire Properties, was approved a $50,000 loan from the City of Raleigh to expand the restaurant to include more indoor seating in the location formerly occupied by Brass Grill.

Raleigh Places Six Bars on Draft Magazine’s Best Beer Bars

January, 17, 2012
Raleigh Places Six Bars on Draft Magazine’s Best Beer Bars

If you live near Downtown Raleigh, you know that its residents love beer and in particular, craft beer. From large craft selections, breweries and cask nights, Raleigh is getting more recognition for its beer culture.

Busy Bee Cafe and Raleigh Times Named to America’s 100 Best Beer Bars

January, 15, 2011
Busy Bee Cafe and Raleigh Times Named to America’s 100 Best Beer Bars

Raleigh makes the list (twice) for Draft Magazine’s best beer bars.

Morning Times Launches Breakfast Monday

December, 10, 2009
Morning Times Launches Breakfast Monday

On Monday, the Morning times is turning this on its head and bringing a test run on a full breakfast menu.

New Menu Rolls Out Today at the Raleigh Times

December, 07, 2009
New Menu Rolls Out Today at the Raleigh Times

Chicken & biscuits, Veggie stackers, n’ more.

WakeUp hosts Greg Hatem, John Kane, Mitchell Silver and Melanie Wilson

June, 29, 2009

This Wednesday at Sitti WakeUp and Tarheel Young Leaders brings us some of the most influential developers and planners in Raleigh.

Raleigh Times Top 50 Burgers in US?

May, 08, 2009
Raleigh Times Top 50 Burgers in US?

That’s what the Food Network is sayin’.

A Night For Spyk

April, 28, 2009

The Raleigh Times hosts a fundraiser for Spyk’s family.

What’s Your Favorite Outdoor Dining & Patio Space in Raleigh?

March, 20, 2009

By now we all know Boylan Bridge Brewpub is a great place to enjoy the newfound spring weather. But as we’re finally seeing the end of long winter months of tightening our coats and strolling past the metal chairs stacked outside our favorite establishments (sometimes with snow piled on top), we’re starting to remember what it’s like to enjoy a meal or drink under that old friend the sun, and in the process we’re falling in love with our old favorites all over again. On this, the inaugural day of spring, we let you know where we love to spend some time outside. What spots are you looking forward to rediscovering?