Raleigh > Detroit

December, 11, 2009

In 1959 Detroit was a bustling manufacturing center with abundant jobs that paid wages that made the American Dream a reality.  North Carolina was the second poorest in the nation, and tobacco, textiles and furniture were about the only industries we had to speak of.

How our Shop-and-Spend Society Contributed to the Current Economic Meltdown ™

February, 17, 2009

Peter Eichenberger takes a look at spending, shopping malls, and our current recession. As the end of this decade will more or less mark the sixtieth birthday of pioneer shopping center Cameron Village as well as the very first credit card purchase ever, at Major’s Cabin Grill in the Empire State Building the same year, 1950, some scritchings on da money mess: With typically savage ironic synchronicity, I recently found myself at Quail Ridge Books (love the place) in a Christmas return pickle. The more I dug into what I walked out with, James Carroll’s latest, House of War: The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power, the more I was struck by parallels between the “defense” morass and the “Economic Crisis,” “Financial Crisis,” or whatever the Meltdown (TM) will be called five years from now. As the shopping center/card synthesis gelled around the same time the Department of Defense consolidated its power, the comparison is timely—and appropriate.

Ringing Bros. Circus at the RBC: Big Tents; Big Money

February, 12, 2009

Unfortunately, you can’t have the kids make their own trapeze stunts.

Enoteca Vin Closed

January, 26, 2009

This is a very sad loss for downtown Raleigh.

Joe’s Place is Closing

January, 26, 2009

In a heart-felt letter the owner of Joe’s place thanks his customers and announces his closing after 29 years. “This Friday, January 30th, we’ll serve lunch at Joe’s Place for the last time,” says the letter. Full letter below the fold.

It’s Official - Capital City Grocery Closing Today

November, 22, 2008

Today is the last day of business at Capital City Grocery in Downtown Raleigh.

The Mint, Fins At Risk of Closing?

November, 11, 2008
The Mint, Fins At Risk of Closing?

We are hearing from several sources that two of downtown’s nicest restaurants are both at risk of closing.  After Riviera’s abrupt end early last week, it is sad to hear that two others may be in trouble.

Riviera Bistro is Closing

November, 03, 2008

Sad news today: Riviera Bistro is closing

Post-Money Economy

October, 08, 2008

Photos Courtesy base10 Let it come down. A Depression-type reality check might be just what the overfed infantile US “citizenry” could do well with. The correction/recession coming due via Market Forces sounds about right to me. The people of Cuba survived deprivation of their needs after the US embargo, urban gardens and all. Put that quarter acre ‘burb plot to use for something other the family Shih Tzu. Petrblt on New Raleigh.

Bank of America CEO Hugh McColl Endorses Barack Obama

October, 06, 2008

A lot has happened today in the world of the Charlotte Observer, first you have the paper endorsing Republican Pat McCrory for North Carolina Governor and now Hugh McColl, the former CEO of Bank of America has a letter in today’s paper chanting his “respect” for John McCain but Barack Obama is “whom we need now.”

South Closing, French Brasserie to Open

May, 30, 2008

The Urban Food Group, owners of Frazier’s, Porters, and Vivace is closing North Hills South Restaurant on June 7th only to reopen later this summer as a French Brasserie. A Brasserie is a cafe that serves casual dining faire.  The Urban Food Group will unleash its crack team of chefs to form an appropriate menu, something completely unique to this restaurant. The Johnson Studio has been hired to completely redesign the location- the most major change? Replacing the floor to ceiling windows with accordion style folding doors opening each side of the restaurant to the street, and adding a patio area with seating for 30.  Even if it is in a mall the restaurant sounds like it will set one hot scene. “A French brasserie has always been part of our long term plans; this is a fabulous location, situated in the heart of North Hills, and has the perfect floor plan for a lively French restaurant with a sidewalk café and patio,” explained owner Kevin Jennings.

Cherry Modern Furniture Closing

April, 27, 2008

Sad news for the modernists in our audience (and staff).  GoGoRaleigh brings us word that Cherry is closing.  Cherry was the only dealer of brands like Alessi, Knoll, Cassina, Kartell, and Blue Dot between Washington DC and Atlanta.  Louis Cherry,  a local architect and his wife Ann Marie Baum opened the store, originally on Glenwood Avenue, then moved to Cameron Village last spring.