Interview with the Creators of North Carolina Wine TV

June, 07, 2009
Interview with the Creators of North Carolina Wine TV

Recently two local marketing guys named Kipp Bodnar and Jeff Cohen started North Carolina Wine TV, an online video show published twice weekly that reviews wines produced right here in North Carolina. To understand the importance of wine in our state, consider that North Carolina is now home to approximately 80 wineries. Kipp and Jeff have now set out to taste wines produced by every one of them. Raleigh in particular is fortunate to have two wineries located within very close proximity, and visiting these wineries for tours and tastings makes for an inexpensive and enjoyable day trip. I recently interviewed Kipp and Jeff. We discussed topics ranging from their favorite restaurant, their favorite things about Raleigh, and of course, North Carolina Wine TV. I hope you find this as interesting as I do. More below the fold…

Lonnie Walker With Lake Inferior

March, 11, 2009

See them for free Thursday night.

What Are Your Hopes for Raleigh in 2009?

January, 09, 2009

This week’s Q&A embraces that most cliche, yet time-honored, New Year’s tradition. But since New Raleigh writers are perfect already, we’ve come up with some New Year’s resolutions to encourage our beloved city to make. Check it out below the fold.