The News and Observer’s Paywall Goes Up Today

December, 19, 2012
The News and Observer’s Paywall Goes Up Today

Back in July, we reported that the News and Observer would start charging later this year and today is that day.

Our Medium’s Not Dying: New Raleigh Is “Hyperlocal”

April, 16, 2009
Our Medium’s Not Dying: New Raleigh Is “Hyperlocal”

Think global, be hyperlocal

Print Newspapers Report that Print Newspapers Continue to Suffer

January, 08, 2009

With further layoffs and decreases in coverage comes a few words of response from Raleigh newspapers, acknowledging complaints. Peter Eichenberger’s ongoing account of the downfall of the great American newspaper: Back in the saddle after the newly departed hollowdays, among my favorite times of the year. Not for the usual reasons, mind you. While Christendom celebrates the wrong day, wrong guy (Santa sharing the same letters as SATAN) we malcontents receive a few days of relative, welcome respite from annoyances like dumb-ass BOOMP BOOMP BOOMP mobile stereo jockeys, sirens, dump truck traffic and the ceaseless, infernal beep beep beep, crunch from the fuggin’ prison job over yonder. Nothing but the wind in the trees amid muffled sundering of wrapping paper and accompanying delighted squeals of the children… Continued below the fold: