Market Restaurant, Grocery Store, Yellow Dog Bakery and Escazu Moving to Oakwood Area

Market Restaurant, Grocery Store, Yellow Dog Bakery and Escazu Moving to Oakwood Area

February, 19, 2012, by Jedidiah

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Market Restaurant and Escazu Chocolates are two of our favorite downtown businesses. One of the only problems with both places is explaining to someone how to get to them. Over the weekend, we found out that his might not be such a big issue in the near future. 

Market Restaurant and Escazu Chocolates will be moving to E. Franklin Street (corner of Person Street), adjacent to the future home of Raleigh City Farm. While this seems like big news, we can also report that there is even bigger news, with Market adding on a 4,000 sq foot grocery store into the building. This is huge for the Oakwood and Mordecai area and will fill a huge gap left by Capital City Grocery which closed back in 2008.

In addition to these businesses, it sounds like Yellow Dog Bread Company, a coffee shop and a few more businesses will also be moving to the block as well. This part of Blount Street has seen a bit of a renaissance over the past few years with PieBird opening last March just a block South and a handful of the buildings in that area being renovated as well. Despite the Blount Street Development (unfortunately) slowing down, it's great to see the existing buildings being renovated and filled by fantastic local businesses. 


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  • Jason
    02/20 07:30 AM

    Nitpicking, admittedly, but I would call that location “Mordecai” more than “Oakwood”.  Either way, it’s great news for the Person St. business district!

  • Jeff Tippett
    02/20 08:49 AM

    This is great news for downtown Raleigh. Look forward to having a grocery store again. Thanks for posting.

  • Bill
    02/20 09:48 AM

    Althought the Blount Street Commons are in a delay / reorganization, I have heard that the block across from the Krispy Kreme is about to break ground on a new building including retail.  Can anyone confirm?

  • JZ
    02/20 09:49 AM

    ummagod…. i’m going pee my pants.  thrilled for this news….

  • stacey
    02/20 10:23 AM

    can. not. wait! i’m officially never moving from my neighborhood.

  • Annie Nice
    02/20 11:14 AM

    Brilliant news. Myself and several of our Tir Na nOg staff all live right in that area and it is a pain in the ass to have to drive to six forks to a grocery store.. so this is brilliant news.. we can sell our cars now and start walking to everything. ABOUT TIME

  • smitty
    02/20 11:32 AM

    They are moving one block south.  Glad someone is doing something with that retarded looking empty building.  Any clue whats going to happen to the old location?

  • Tyler Durden
    02/20 03:23 PM

    There’s also a bicycle shop and coffee shop going in across the street. :)

  • Steelcity36
    02/20 03:59 PM

    What will happen to the Person Street Allstars? Does anybody know? Without their dedication to the area none of this redevelopment would have come to fruition. It would be a shame not to recognize them in this process.

  • Mark
    02/20 04:39 PM

    This post is extremely short on details. I assume its the block highlighted in red, but the “corner” of Person and Franklin could just as well be the old Dollar General. Also, there is no mention as to whether we are talking new development or rehabilitation of the existing cinder block shell still sitting there. (or a scattering of these places all over the area…it seems like there are more things mentioned than space in this old strip center). Cheerleading is nice, but its hard to know what to think (though it all sounds good) without more info. Mind you, I am aware you guys might not have that info….

  • arthurb3
    02/20 04:48 PM

    So all those homes are going to be replaced with retail? Its a shame just because they are not million dollar homes that they will be replaced with a strip mall while other empty retail building are empty.

  • hackles10
    02/20 04:55 PM

    Rapid Fitness is also moving to this area.  Not sure which building they are taking over.

  • Dana
    02/20 05:16 PM

    Yeah! Thanks to all of the people involved with these businesses and with the Person Street Partnership. More information can be found on the Mordecai CAC web site:

  • ariel
    02/20 05:19 PM

    Arthur - I can’t speak to the buildings in the top right of that block but the homes on the left most side of the lot (where RCFarm will begin breaking ground in March) are no longer there—this is an outdated photograph. That area has been a grassy, open acre for some time now.

  • Dana
    02/20 05:29 PM

    No homes will be torn down.  The photo above is old, and the four apartment buildings on the left side were demolished several years ago.  Raleigh City Farm will be there.  Escazu, Market, Yellow Dog, and the grocery store will be moving into the empty Person Street Plaza, which will be renovated.  Rapid Fitness is moving into the old Dollar General location across the street.  They have already done quite a bit of work on that building, and plan to open this spring.

  • Mike
    02/20 09:53 PM

    As an Oakwood resident, this is awesome news. Thanks for the update.

  • RaleighRob
    02/21 10:21 AM

    Thanks, Dana, for clarifying.  It did seem some folks were unclear.  (However, I think the Rapid Fitness is moving slower than they originally planned, from what I’ve seen.  I’d be very surprised if it’s open by May.)

    Tyler—is the bicycle shop going in the building adjacent to Marsh Woodwinds??

  • Tyler Durden
    02/21 10:58 AM

    @Raleigh Bob - The bike shop will be located at 212 E. Franklin Street in the basement space next to Nicole’s studio and under the new coffee shop that is filling Nicole’s old space. More details to come soon.

  • GuyMordecai
    02/21 01:26 PM

    After a slow start Rapid Fitness is actually moving along quite..errr…rapidly as of late.

    I’d be surprised if they aren’t open in six weeks.

  • Nano Serwich
    03/04 07:37 PM

    Completely thrilled. Any idea what Vintage 21 is going to do with their new huge parcel of land?

  • RaleighRob
    03/05 11:56 AM

    What blows my mind passing there every day since I read this article is the scale.  A restaurant, chocolate shop, grocery market and a bakery all fitting into that one building is remarkable in a way.  Maybe they should rename it Tardis Plaza.  :-D

  • Auth
    03/10 10:51 PM

    Love the videos from Wordcamp Raleigh. Didn’t get to see this young man speak, so I rpeapciate this video to get a little snippet of what he had to say. It was also a pleasure to meet you.

  • GuyMordecai
    05/02 05:15 PM

    Rapid Fitness is open as of this week!

  • knukerockney
    06/01 12:32 PM

    does anybody know what is, or did, go into the old Rosie’s Plate location on Person street?

  • Tyler Durden
    06/22 08:54 AM

    Knukerockney. We’ve heard that the owner of Hibernian has purchased the building and will be using the space for a brasserie type family restaurant/pub. Does anyone have and updates on this?

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